Mindfulness Mentor & Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner
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Cha is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who excels at condensing complex facts and abstract concepts into clear terms and applicable methods. Her broad experience and compassionate nature combined with quick wit and down- to- earth approachability make her presentations not only inspiring but transformational.

Cha’s areas of interest and expertise include (but are not limited to) mindful living, minimalism, conscious parenting, meditation, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, hypnotherapy, mindset mastery, intentional space design, women in business, health and wellbeing.



Current Workshops

I offer individual sessions, group sessions, workshops and full coaching programs in person (APPLECROSS / western australia) and online via video call.



  • Understanding the relationship between the conscious/subconscious mind

  • How we create beliefs and thought patterns in early childhood

  • How to curb our reactivity / irritability

  • Developing self-worth/confidence in our children

  • Practice of mindfulness (benefits and techniques)


  • Discover how the mind works in relation to food

  • Understand how your body processes food and why it matters

  • Learn to collaborate with your mind for better habits

  • Shift your beliefs and emotional response

  • Optional group hypnosis


  • Understanding how the subconscious mind runs the show

  • The neuroscience behind mindfulness practices

  • How to embody confidence and build trust within a team

  • Train your mind and intuition to get what you want

  • Optional group / individual hypnosis to prime you for success


  • What is clutter and why organizing is often useless

  • The emotional states that lead to clutter

  • How to shift the beliefs that cause us to accumulate in the first place

  • How to make space for better things

  • Environments that nurture joy and productivity

  • Mindfulness Practices

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