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Mindful Eating - the no-diet approach to a healthy mind + body

  • Heathcote Reserve, The Apple Room 58 Duncraig Road Applecross, WA, 6153 Australia (map)

Our bodies are incredibly powerful. They have the ability to heal themselves, to adapt to different environments and produce all the chemicals and hormones we need to survive and thrive... all we need to do is nourish them with the right food and the right thoughts.

Why don't we?

Because our busy lifestyles make the convenience of fast food irresistible and junk food is addictive... even though it makes us feel terrible, tired and somewhat guilty. Dieting doesn't work! We all know that, it's restrictive and relies on will power... that only works for so long!

Yet we all want to have a strong, healthy body and

What if you weren't fighting yourself?
What if you were making the best choices for your health effortlessly?
What if you were no longer tempted by unhealthy foods?

...How would you feel?

This Mindful Eating workshop is all about transforming the thoughts in your head, the beliefs in your mind and the meaning you give to it all.

It's about educating and empowering you with science-based knowledge, a new perspective and a whole new set of beliefs so that you make the change on a subconscious level.

It's not about loosing weight to have the perfect body (there's no such thing!) It's about nourishing your body and mind with the right thoughts and foods to have a strong respectful relationship with yourself.

  • Light refreshments provided

  • Optional group hypnosis session at the end!

You only get one body, the vehicle to your dreams, it's time to give it the fuel it deserves!

Tickets priced between $74.94 – $94.98

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