Mindfulness Mentor & Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner

& Mindsets

that nurture joy, clarity
and ultimate confidence

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hi, I’m Cha


Mindfulness Mentor & Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

I believe we are all trying our best to live out our dreams but in this busy world of social disconnection and sensory overload, it gets hard to find clarity. So often, we get caught up ticking all the boxes and pursuing the next thing, only to find ourselves burnt out and overwhelmed. I help busy individuals find their essence, overcome whatever is standing in their way and gain unshakeable confidence by aligning their subconscious mind with their true desires.

What would your life look like if you knew how to…

  • master your mindset effortlessly

  • achieve clarity and ditch anxiety

  • curb your reactivity and become more grounded

  • nurture a loving relationship with yourself and others

  • optimize your environment to hold it all in place

My purpose is to help you start living intentionally on your own terms, in full alignment with your core values, connected and empowered.

You’re here because you want it all…

I’m here to show you that it’s available to you and it’s my honour to support you on your journey.


How I got here…

My life has been a nomadic adventure from the get-go. I was born in South Africa, but France was my home for over twenty years. I never stopped moving, exploring and craving the ocean air. In late 2009, I moved to Perth Australia and found what my soul was craving: life close to the ocean with the love of my life.

Trained as a Conceptual Interior Designer, I have always been passionate about the major influence that our surroundings have on our psychology. I was dedicated to creating ergonomic and comfortable spaces for residences, work spaces and venues. But when my son was born, I faced my biggest project yet: How to embrace this new step in my life and stay positive in the most challenging times of early motherhood. I did what any ambitious and exhausted mother would do: I started a business, aka The Mindful Designer!

As the business grew and another baby arrived, I started to realize that I had lost a part of myself somewhere along the road. Even though I had achieved all the things I thought I wanted, I felt empty, overwhelmed and burnt out. That’s when I realized that all my unresolved past traumas were coming to the surface and I had to find a solution and fast, before I broke down completely.


I intuitively knew that Simplicity was the key to finding my path again and I decided to commit fully to a mindful way of living.

Through wide research and extensive training in Mindfulness, Conscious Parenting, NLP, Psychology and Meditation , teamed with meticulous practice, I healed myself in so many ways and experienced the most unbelievable transformation. I found clarity and focus, calmness and energy… but the best of all: a whole lot of happy! So much so that people around me started asking for my help and I became a Mindfulness Coach, somewhat by accident.

I know first-hand how confronting the healing process can be… but I also know that everything you have ever wanted lives on the other side of discomfort! As a life-long learner and passionate solution-seeker, I was determined to find the most effective strategies and techniques to get the ultimate outcome for the people I serve, as well as provide reliable and compassionate support along the way.

When I discovered RTT I knew this was the tool I was looking for…


What is RTT?


Give yourself permission to live the life you were always meant to!

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